Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cameron: Hockey Geek

Cameron is an eleven year old hockey playing technology wielding wizard. He has turned his love of film making into a tool he uses for his own uses as well as using his talent to assist his classmates.
Cameron's video
is a reflection on where our future is headed. His grasp of film making and how to use technology and special effects is amazing. He has taken his love of film making and used it to enhance his hockey play and his studies. One of the things that I found most profound is the wide gulf between
students in private schools and wealthy families and students in inner schools. Inner city schools are not equipped to produce or disseminate the material Cameron makes available to his class. The inequalities between Cameron's school and urban schools is blaring.
As a special education major, technology is a major part of the curriculum. I have to find ways to engage children with learning difficulties in the best possible way. I don't imagine that many of my students will be bringing video into the classroom, but perhaps as a class we can find ways to incorporate video into our lessons.

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